Wanted,” the ad read. “Staff for upscale, adult-oriented nightclub. All positions sought. Additional duties may include exorcism, faith healing, communing with the dead and saving the world from certain destruction. Excellent pay and exceptional benefits. Apply in person at Smoke & Mirrors; serious inquiries only.


You don’t know when the dreams started, exactly, but it feels as though they’ve been there all your life. Tickling at the edges of your consciousness, distracting you, tempting you with promises of belonging, of satisfaction, of respect…

All the things that seem to elude you in your waking hours, in fact.

You were always told you had potential, that you were smart, that you could be something…but it never seemed to materialize. Something has always stood in your way…and generally speaking, that something has been you.

Depression, self-medication, a streak of something dark, something that urges you towards destruction - whatever the problem is, you’re on the brink, a hair’s breath away from damnation.

And then, an angel appears.

…if, of course, “angel” is defined as a stripper with bleached-blonde hair, in wispy cherub wings, a feather-bedecked baby-doll nightgown and platform heels.

She’s newly arrived to your dreams, standing on the plains of infinity in her ridiculous getup, beckoning, gesturing for you to come, follow her. Though she never speaks, she seems somehow comforting, reassuring. She is an omen, though for what exactly, you can’t decide.


It’s not long after she appears that you see the ad.

Maybe a friend emailed it to you. Maybe it caught your eye as you skimmed the jobs section of the local newspaper online. It’s not your career field, that’s for sure, but these days, you’re ready to take almost anything.

Your rent is two months overdue and your landlord is making noises about eviction. You aren’t even getting interviews anymore, and you’ve been avoiding calls from the collection agency with great frequency. You might as well check it out…a little cash on the side couldn’t hurt.

At least they’ve got a sense of humor. Saving the world? That’s got to be a joke…right?

Game Updates



In an effort to encourage more patron usage, a patron relationship (between patron and acolyte) will be implemented. Similar to the relic relationship system, a relationship can be bad, poor, neutral, fair, good or great. The bonus will adjust accordingly.


Side quests will now be integrated into the game, and will affect all players at one point or another. Additionally, quests have been adjusted to accommodate the change of cast. Details of quests will now be kept on a private page on the website, to allow for planning.


Jaz will now be a minor character. Chesa and Rafe will be leading the teams.


Account creation is now on, and you will have a page for you/your character. Discussions will be added to certain pages, and this will be used to track plot items.

Derek vs. Arturo: Who wins?