Sharing Case Data

“Since we have ten of us, and two - or three, depending - teams, we have to share what we learn centrally. This is where your tablets come in.”

She held up her own tablet to demonstrate. “On your primary screen, you should see an icon that’s a little dragon, labeled SCM. Which is short for Smoke-slash-mirrors case management…and yes, I am fully aware that it looks and sounds like scam. The boss has a sense of humor.”

“Anyway…” She opened the app, and led them through the tabs. “So, it’s pretty simple. Active cases here, open whatever case you’re working on - there’ll be background, lists of the known parties and locations - all the stuff that the boss has collected.”

“There’s tasks, which is mostly for me, but you can review what’s going on there. But what is most important…” She opened the “Case Updates” tab. “This is where you need to be spending time every. damned. day.”

“We’re going to be working separately, in teams or even alone, and we can’t afford to duplicate work. Each one of you,” and she looked at Eric and Derek pointedly, “need to report every little thing you find. We don’t always know if something is going to be important until, well, until it becomes important.”

“I need all of you to spend some time after we’re done with this meeting, entering everything you can remember, reviewing with each other and catching our new folks on what’s going on.”

“We have four, well, maybe, five things that need to happen today.” She ticked them off on her fingers. “Head duty, talking to Emilio, talking to Gao, maybe seeing if we can have a little chat with Carmela, get her side of the story…and then we finally got a call back about the warehouse we investigated.. They want us to do an exorcism, maybe see if we can get anything from the spirits there, too.”

“We all need to do the cleansing together, so everyone can get a feel for it. Plus, with so many dead in one place, we’ll need the group energy to make it happen.”

“Oh.” It hit her that she’d forgotten something. “Shit. We moved and it slipped my mind. Before we do any of that, we’ve got to get our altars set up. When I said our power is enhanced by our patrons, I mean that. And the altars are another focus for our gifts. Besides the fact that we have to give offerings to keep the bond strong, it gives us a bunch of tangible things to touch and have the memory of…for summonings.”

She rubbed her forehead. “Sorry, I know that’s confusing, right now. I promise it’ll make sense. We’re going to use that empty salon on this floor, actually. Everyone will have a space, of course. Chesa and I can both help ferry people around to get things, or you can take public transport, whatever…”