Hex Appeal (Combat)

“So here’s the deal,” Lisa said. “Rafe, I’m going to walk you through the process of cleansing the hex. That will free the spirit. When that happens, I am going to try to contain it, at least as much as I can, to give you guys a chance to attack it with some thought and planning. I will try to walk you through the process as much as I can…while holding back a ravening spirit,” she added, laughing.

She went over to the toolbox and pulled out a pair of silver mesh gloves lined with silk, tugging them on. “I’m going to use these, along with some of my own abilities and energy, to try to contain the spirit somewhat.”

Kneeling, she took the fetish in her hands and nodded for Rafe to join her. “Here’s what you’ve got to do,” she said. “You’re going to have to touch the thing, I’m sorry…and with your bare hands too. And when you touch it, you’re going to see the thing, just like you saw how your friend over there had illness and fatigue in her body. Only this is going to be a lot grosser.”

“Anyway, you’re going to visualize using your light to cut the threads of darkness and decay that bind the spirit to the fetish. You’ll know exactly when it’s done…there’s going to be a rush of energy. Once that’s done, the others can come try to weaken this thing enough that we can send it back to the Diyu.”

She gave them all an encouraging smile. “There’s no substitute for just doing things, and you’ve got me here, so use your imagination, yeah?”

Picking up the fetish in her gloved hands, she stood, bracing herself, then held it out for Rafe. “Ready?”

Challenge: Break the Hex Bindings

Requirements: Cleanse (stat)

  • Failure: 1 to 4 (whoops)
  • Minor Success: 5 to 10 (the spirit is freed)
  • Moderate Success: 11 to 13 (the spirit is freed and 1 minor damage)
  • Major Success: 14 to 16 (the spirit is freed and 2 minor damage)
  • Critical Success: 17 (the spirit is freed & completely banished)

Dice Roll: 1d12 + 3 (stat: cleanse) + 2 (item: amulet)

6 + 3 + 2 = 11

Rafe pulled the bracelet that Lien had given him out of his pocket, asking, “Would this help me see the bindings more clearly, do you think?”

“Oh, you have one of the boss’s amulets,” Lisa said. “Yeah, can’t hurt in situations like this.”

“Okay.” He slid it on his wrist, and took a deep breath. “Here goes…”

Gingerly, he reached out and touched the fetish, shuddering when he came into contact with the dead, petrified flesh. “Oh, god,” he whispered.

For a second, there was nothing, but as he inhaled and relaxed, suddenly, it was all there. A whirling, raging spirit, contained in a prison of darkness. Its anger poured over Rafe - fury at being contained, rage at being denied its rightful rest, a burning desire for revenge against those that had used it.

He shuddered. It wasn’t a nice feeling, at all.

Death energy. Azrael had popped in to stand over Rafe’s shoulder - at least metaphorically speaking, anyway. All that back shite around the thing. Nasty stuff, ain’t it?

Rafe didn’t reply, concentrating on trying to pick out all the places that the energy connected the spirit to the fetish…then wiping them away, one by one.

Give it a good blast of your own power, when you set it free, Azrael offered. Life energy…might calm the spirit down a little, make it start missing home.

He nodded, biting his lip in concentration, as the black smears of ugly power were wiped away. And when the last strand was left, Rafe did as Azrael suggested, pouring some of his own energy towards the spirit…freeing it, but also somehow, diminishing a little of its fury.

“Incoming,” he said, breathless. “I think I got some of it, too…”

“Oh, good, yes…” Lisa said, as the spirit burst free - now visible to those with the slightest sensitivity as a flurry of spark and flame emanating from a glowing skull. She dropped the fetish and grabbed the skull, holding it fast in her silver-gloved hands. Though it didn’t seem to be a material object, nevertheless, it was held there, firmly in her grasp.

“Angry, too,” she added, rather unecessarily, as the thing roared and spewed angry sparks. “While I’ve got it here, it can’t do anything, so you’ve got a little time to figure out what you can do. Now, you’re going to have to touch it, to attack it, and once you touch it, it’s got contact with your energy for a moment, and it’ll try to attack. You’ve got to be wary, and defend yourself, okay?”

“Rafe, since you’ve got some idea of what your energy does, now, why don’t you try an attack first? Your patron can guide, if you need it.”

Enemy: Unchained Angry Spirit

Requirements: None
Difficulty (+1):

  • Failure: 1 to 4 (ouch)
  • Minor Success: 5 to 10 (you attack for 1 minor injury)
  • Moderate Success: 11 to 13 (you attack for 2 minor injury)
  • Major Success: 14 to 16 (you attack for 1 moderate injury)
  • Critical Success: 17 (you attack for 1 major injury)
    Damage Required to Banish: 1 moderate injury, 1 minor injury (or 4 minor injuries)

Note: 3 minor injuries = 1 moderate injury, 3 moderate injuries = 1 major injury

Dice Roll: 1d12 + 3 (stat: cleanse) +0 (condition) + 0 (ability) + 0 (item)
9 + 3 + 0 = 12

12 = moderate success = attack for 2 minor injuries

“I’ll try,” Rafe said, though he looked a little doubtful.

Nevertheless, at Azrael’s guidance, he reached towards the spirit, imagining his cleansing power wiping away the spirit’s anger and malice, soothing it, returning the spirit a bit closer to its natural state.

Spirit’s Defense Roll: 1d12 + no bonuses or items = 9 (minor success - it defends, deflecting 1 minor injury)

The spirit roared and thrashed in Lisa’s grip, managing, in its mindless rage, to avoid some of the energy Rafe sent its way. Nevertheless, the energy that hit it noticeably diminished some of the creature’s fire.

Angered, though, it lashed out towards Rafe, sending a torrent of magical fire and sparks in his direction.

Spirit’s Counterattack Roll: 1d12 + no bonuses or items = 10 (1 minor injury)


Dice Roll: 1d12 + (stat) + (condition) + (ability) + (item)

5 + 3 (cleanse) + 0 + 0 +0 = 8 (minor success = deflect 1 minor injury)

Mindful of Lisa’s warning and at Azrael’s urging, Rafe pulled a little of his power to form a shield of energy - absorbing the spirit’s burst of fire.

“There you go,” Lisa said. “You’re getting the hang of it."