“The Chinese tradition calls people with these abilities Wu, if you’re a woman, Nanwu, if you’re a man. For ease of reference, we refer to the abilities that the gifted have as Wusouls.”

“For instance,” she pointed to herself, then Chesa, “we both have protector souls. That means, aside from being good at fighting and things like that, we both can call on our power to protect others, to prevent them from taking damage. It manifests in different ways, of course. I’m more defensive, Chesa is more offensive.”

Chesa smirked. “Damn right, I’m offensive.”

Jaz rolled her eyes.

“Bella and David are our diviners. Diviners, obviously, can see into the future, see the possibilities of the future, and they can see into the past, as well. But more than they, can have the power to make small predictions, things immediately in the future, come true. They are oracles, with the power to enforce their prophecies.”

“Nikki and Etienne are our healers. Their primary talent is obvious, of course, but they can also use their abilities offensively. The life energy they use is potent, and it works well against many things from the shadow world, as well as being useful in situations on this plane.”

“Rafe is a cleanser, which means that in same ways, he’s an exorcist, you might say, but it’s more broadly the ability to sanctify things, to clear out anything that defiles. That can be used on people, on creatures, on locations…and he’s going to get an opportunity to use that today…”

She went on before Rafe could even react. “Then we have Derek, who is both not here, and our psychopomp. He can see the dead, react with them, and return them…or send them…to their rest. He is an acolyte of death in the most literal of ways.”

“Then finally, we have Eric and Ava, who are ritualist souls. This ability takes many forms…for some, it’s vocal. For others, it’s visual. For a small group, it’s actually physical, but the commonality is that ritualists can sway people into thinking, doing or reacting in certain ways.”

She looked around the table. “As you might imagine, all of these abilities can be abused, and particularly so when dealing with normal folks. That,” and her voice was deliberate and pointed, “will not happen. There are measures in place to contain that, but understand: your strength is related to your relationship with your patron. If you begin using your powers in opposition to your patron’s ethical guidelines, you will lose the focus and strength they provide as they detach from you.”