Abilities will be discovered over time, and provide a bonus to an action roll. Additionally, most abilities (aside from basic abilities provided to the character) have to be discovered and/or trained. Difficulty bonuses may be added to the difficulty scale, depending on the nature of the illness, conditions, etc.


    All players are allowed to learn up to three core abilities from their respective trainers at S&M at a cost of 3xp per skill. Core abilities add +1 to rolls that specifically use that ability. Players may define their core abilities, but the GM has final say over the definition/use of an ability.


    Players may learn special abilities throughout the course of the game. An ability is a special move that you’ve used successfully in an action. Each special ability gives +2 to a roll when it is used, and costs 3xp - which must be paid at the time the skill is used and learned.

    Current Core & Special Abilities