Basics: Dice & Rolling


    • All players begin with 1d12 for all rolls.
    • When a player gains 4 points in their primary stat, they are allowed to use 2d6 for all roles.
    • When a player reaches 6 points in their primary stat, they are allowed to use 3d6 for all rolls.


    Unless indicated otherwise, a roll will consist of
    d12 + (Stat Bonus and Conditions / Penalty) + Ability + Item Bonus, if any.

    Difficulty will depend on the task at hand. If a challenge is too difficult for one person to roll for, there are several options:

    1. Call on your patron deity - can be used once a day, but must be recharged at your personal altar.
    2. Ask for a party member to lend a helping hand: they can contribute their stat to a roll, or roll themselves, depending on the challenge.
    3. Find an object that will give a specific bonus for that task.

    Instances where rolling may be required:

    1. Interrogation: for questions that an NPC would not otherwise answer easily or willingly.
    2. Interacting with the Spirit World: This could include looking for ghosts, ghostly objects, enterting the Diyu, etc.
    3. Combat: Explained further on the combat tab.
    4. Other Duties As Assigned: There will be cases where the narrator calls for rolls. She includes this clause to cover her ass.

    Difficulty levels are based on the base dice, plus an additional number (the difficulty handicap) added to the success table.


    (For rolls other than healing & cleansing)

    • Failure: 1 - 3
    • Minor success: 4 - 9
    • Moderate success: 10 - 12
    • Major success: 13 - 15
    • Critical success: 16+

    Difficulties, therefore, are a base number added to the success level.


    +1 Difficulty would result in the following table:

    • Failure: 1 - 4
    • Minor success: 5 - 10
    • Moderate success: 11 - 13
    • Major success: 14 - 16
    • Critical success: 17+

    Additional difficulty points would add to the totals accordingly.

    Players do not need to worry about calculating difficulty: A success table will be provided for each challenge or enemy as necessary. If no difficulty/success table is provided, then there is no difficulty handicap.