Training & Progression


    Experience is gained at the completion of missions, and - very occasionally, at the GM’s sole discretion - with achievements.

    • Minor Missions & Achievements: 1 point
    • Mid-level Missions: 2 points
    • Major Missions & Meta Plot Advancements: 3 points

    There are no levels, but characters can use their experience points to purchase additional stat points, and learn special skills. Additionally, characters may be allowed to learn core skills for free when training in the field - at the discretion of the GM.


    Additional stat points may be purchased at training sessions for the cost of 3xp(stat level):

    • 1 point in a stat = 3 xp,
    • 2 points in a stat = 6 xp,
    • 3 points in a stat = 9 xp, etc.


    • All players begin with 1d12 for all rolls.
    • When a player gains 4 points in their primary stat, they are allowed to use 2d6 for all roles.
    • When a player reaches 6 points in their primary stat, they are allowed to use 3d6 for all rolls.


    All players are allowed to learn up to three core abilities from their respective trainers at S&M. Core abilities add +1 to rolls that specifically use that ability. Players may define their core abilities, but the GM has final say over the definition/use of an ability.


    Players may learn special abilities throughout the course of the game. An ability is a special move that you’ve used successfully in an action. Each special ability gives +2 to a roll when it is used, and costs 3xp - which must be paid at the time the skill is used and learned.