Relics contain the spirit of a person long gone, and can be used in specific circumstances to aid you. Circumstances should be something in which the relic spirit feels comfortable getting involved.

    When you receive a new relic, you will roll a d6 to determine your relationship with it.

    • 1-2 = s/he really doesn’t care for you,
    • 3-4 = s/he’s okay with you,
    • 5-6 = s/he definitely feels you are a kindred spirit.

    Let that guide your bonding experience accordingly.

    The tables for using your relics are as follows:

    To use on an action (and can only be used once a day), roll a d6.

    • 1-2: Fail and Random Effect
    • 3: +1 and Chance of Random Effect
    • 4: +2 and Chance of Random Effect
    • 5: +3 and Chance of Random Effect
    • 6: +3 and no Random Effect


    You will receive a bonus to your roll based on your relationship with the spirit of the relic:

    • Poor: -1 to Roll
    • Neutral - 0 to Roll
    • Good - +1 to Roll

    Once a game week, if you have used your relic at least once in the week prior, you may reroll a D6 in an attempt to improve your relationship.