Another Man's Treasure


    Other Missions


    “The first is actually a shop…a little place called ‘Another Man’s Treasure’ that ostensibly sells antiques, ephemera, that sort of thing. Their schtick is that a lot of their items have…hmm, let’s call it interesting…histories. Which is fine, and well, and good. Whether or not that’s accurate is beside the point; people shop there for that entertainment.”

    “Unfortunately,” and she couldn’t help her lips twitching, “recently, apparently some of their items really have had a history. Bad things have been happening in the shop - poltergeist activity, that sort of thing. At first, of course, it lent a bit of verismo to the scene, but in the past few days, it’s gotten more violent, and one of the owners themselves was injured.”

    “So, someone needs to go over there and figure out what’s happening. The place made need general cleansing, or there could be some specific items that brought ghosties with them… But regardless of what it turns out to be, we probably need to figure out where it came from, since there’s no point in doing a big exorcism, only to have the ghosts or whatever return the next time they get something from Timbuktu or whatever.”


    The couple was given an item by Salazar Crato, with a spell that attracts spirits and rouses them against the owners in response to the owner, Sean's, attempts to expand on the truth of the items they sell.

    Crato was approached, but no clear answers were received. The item was removed from the shop and the owners reported no more issues.