No Vacancy


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    “There’s been a vacant lot out on the waterfront down in Hunter’s Point. It’s been vacant for God knows how long. At least since World War II. Anyway. People get antsy with that sort of land just…lying around, these days, and so the current owner has decided to try to develop it.”

    “You should probably not,” Chesa put in, looking at her tablet, “that apparently, it’s had many owners over the years, but for whatever reason, have never done anything with it.”

    “And the reason for that,” Jaz continued the narrative smoothly, “became apparent any time someone tried to do anything with the place. When the developers tried to survey and clear up the place, it became quite clear that the place was haunted - and pretty thoroughly, too.”

    “Instruments and tools would break. Surveyors knocked on their asses into the mud. An attempt to pour concrete ended up with the wet concrete dumped all over their tools and vehicles. Just a continual round of harassment. So most people just gave up, sold the land for a profit to the next greedy developer, and rinse, repeat.”

    “This time around, someone got wise and called a spiritualist. This one happened to not be a complete fraud, and she realized that there were spirits there - native peoples - but she couldn’t talk to them or get through to them at all. She referred the case to us, and Ms. Lien sent someone out to check it out to make sure it wasn’t a fraud.”

    She paused, looking at her notes. “It wasn’t. The place is full of people, apparently from the Ohlone, or the Costanoan tribes, that were native to the area. And they won’t leave. Apparently, they’ve had enough land taken away, and they aren’t going anywhere.”

    “Now, normally, we would be on their side, and screw the developers. But…it’s a bit more complicated than that. Their souls are caught there now, and they are decaying away - they’ve been there that long. If they don’t move on, they will become haunts…haints, as Maman and Baron would probably call them. The memories of spirits, caught in between the worlds forever.”

    “It’s a cruel fate to be stuck like that. Aware, but unable to move or communicate or even go on to their reward.” She sighed. “Poor things. I feel for them, I really do, but they’ve got to leave. And that’s where we come in. We…or rather, you guys, are going to go out there, see if you can convince them to leave. If you can’t talk ‘em away, you’re going to have to either trick ‘em away or as a last resort, force them away. It is, as they say, unfortunately for their own good.”

    “Any questions?”