Strange Cargo


    Other Missions


    "Warehouse on the docks, it’s always been pretty quiet. The workers don’t have any major complaints. I mean, it’s hard work, yeah, but like, safety is good, the owner isn’t the biggest dickward. Things could be worse.”

    “Some weeks ago, the staff on the night shift started complaining about things. Weird noises, nasty stench, feeling uneasy, that sort of thing. They’d look at the place in the daylight, though…and nothing. Everyone thought it was some kind of prank, so they switched up shifts - day shift coming in at night, night at day…same thing happened. Weird things happened at night. But not consistently. Nothing couldn’t be proved to management’s satisfaction.”

    “Then folks on the night shift started getting sick. Psychological things, apparently. One guy apparently tried to kill himself in front of his co-workers…they grabbed him, stopped him, and he woke up and didn’t realize what he’d been doing. Nasty shit, really.”

    She paused to cuss at the jackass cutting her off as she headed for the interstate exit.

    “Goddamn idiot drivers… So, anyway…people have quit coming in to work. Some just quit their jobs, but no one wants to work there. The owners are freaking out. They think maybe someone is pranking them, trying to sabotage their business. But apparently, some of the workers think the place is suddenly haunted.”


    After six weeks of activity in the area, the team learned that the container was haunted by the spirits of trafficked women who most likely died in the container - including a Nǚ Guǐ.

    The team was able to successfully exorcise the warehouse and lay the spirits to rest.