What's in the Box?


    Other Missions


    “Now, the second one is actually an individual - well, a couple. They recently got married, got a new place…they’re living in domestic bliss, right? Then poof! Out of nowhere - malicious haunting. Nightmares, waking up in the middle of the night to find the ghost of an axe murderer looming over them, axe raised, only to disappear when they scream.”

    She shivered. “That sounds pretty freaky, actually. It’d bother the fuck out of me. Anyway, so they thought it was the place, but the building they’re in is brand new, and when they went and tried staying different places, it went with them, too.”

    “So, I guess we’ve got to figure out if they’ve been hexed, if they’ve got something in their posession that’s…well, posessed, or maybe one of them has a terrible secret. I’ve no idea. Considering that they’re a pleasant, non-descript, couple who save the whales and hug the trees and go to non-denominational services with great dedication every week, it’s most likely they’ve picked something up…but who knows, maybe one of them is an environmentalist who takes logging Very Seriously.”


    The trunk that the couple acquired previously belonged to a woman who was murdered and stuffed into said trunk. It was purchased from Salvator Crato, whom the team approach, but no solid answers were received.

    The trunk was removed from the site, and the couple reported no more issues.